Bruja is the Spanish word for Witchcraft. When I first heard this, I was a little skeptical about whether I should learn more about these practices. But, after further research, I found that Bruja isn’t to be feared. In fact, by learning how to use Bruja practices, there are multiple ways that you can improve your life. Let’s look at some of the things that the Bruja stand for and how you can benefit from these practices. 

What Is A Bruja?

The Bruja are a group of Spanish witches. They use magic to help people improve their lives. Over time, they’ve perfected their rituals to offer multiple benefits to people. One of the biggest beliefs of the Bruja is that we all need to be in balance with the Earth. While they might be using witchcraft, most of the Bruja techniques are completely safe. Now that we know what the Bruja are, let’s look at some of the practices that you can use to improve your life. 

Use Sage To Cleanse Your Home

Over time, negative energy will come into our homes. This can have a big impact on us, changing our behavior and inviting negative thoughts into our minds. Thankfully, there is a simple Bruja practice that you can use to protect yourself from these energies. First, you need to buy some Palo and Sage, there are multiple places where you can purchase these ingredients. When burnt, they will be able to remove negative energies from your home. To get the best results, you should do this on a Sunday, as this will protect you for the rest of the week. 

Burn Seven Day Candles

Another Bruja technique that you can use is burning seven-day candles. These often come in large jars and are designed to last for a long time. The Bruja believe that these candles represent your connection to the Earth and your ancestors. When you burn these candles, you should feel this spiritual connection growing. Also, these candles will be able to help protect you from negative spirits. 

Use Water To Catch Negative Energies

Finally, you should always have a glass of water present when you invite other people into your home. You often can’t control the energies that these people bring with them. Often, they can have negative energies that may have an impact on your home. Thankfully, the Bruja have a trick that they believe will protect you from this. Leave a glass of water by the door. When people enter, the water attracts and captures any negative energy that they possess. This, along with regular cleansing, will ensure that your home is always filled with positive energy. 

Using the white magic of the Bruja witches, I was able to make several improvements to my life. Hopefully, you now know some of the best techniques to keep negative spirits out of your home, protecting your family from their destructive influence. So, try some of these Bruja techniques today.