The therapeutic use of psychedelics is fast becoming mainstream. Researchers have been working endlessly for decades to measure the effectiveness of psychedelic compounds like magic mushrooms, MDMA and ayahuasca in treating a whole range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. This is promising and very exciting but it’s not without risk and it’s really important to be aware of the associated risks to help make an informed decision about whether using psychedelics therapeutically is right for you, right now. 

Psychedelic mindfulness, a term coined by Sarah Tilley, a clinician with over 20 years of experience working therapeutically with psychedelics, is being conscious of the effects these compounds can have both during a session and after. Being mindful about use helps people prepare for a psychedelic experience, manage the waves within a session and integrate the experience afterwards. The psychedelic experience isn’t a silver bullet but with the right preparation and support can bring about profound healing and growth.